Summertraining 2021

Summer training 2020 Tennis starts in the first week of April.
Padel training has variable starting dates throughout the Summer season.

You can sign up for lessons tennis or padel via /home/inschrijfformulier-en-info-zomertraining2021

Information about Summer Training Tennis & Padel - 2021

* Start first week of April ( tennis ). Throughout de Summerseason variable. (padel)

* Kimbria Racket Club offers its members the opportunity to follow tennis and padel training at the tennis school led by Jo Mullens and Pascal Ramackers.

* Registration will be possible throughout the summer season. If you register after 24 March ( tennis ) you will be dependent on the free places and free hours.

* A competition team can participate as a team, they must then register as a team.

* Summer training includes 16 tennis lessons. Padel training includes 8 lessons. A lesson is fifty minutes. One and a half lessons are eighty minutes.

* Classification of the training is published via

* You will also receive notification via e-mail, provided your correct address at the tennis school is known.

* Payment condition: tennis lessons within two weeks after the start of the course. A payment arrangement in installments is possible on request.

* Completing the registration form means that you agree with the lesson regulations and the financial consequences thereof.

* There is no training April 5

May 02-09

May 13

May 24

Juli 25 - September 5